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A Season of Soul Searching

You know how they say that a situation will continue to come up in your life until you learn the lesson that it’s supposed to teach you? I have recently arrived at yet another crossroads at which I am required to dig deep within myself in order to figure out exactly why this certain situation…… Continue reading A Season of Soul Searching

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Finding Balance in 2017

Unbalanced always seems to be the perfect word to describe the way I find myself feeling come every January 1st. After excess in many forms and the busyness that comes with the holidays, I always come into every new year longing to regain the balance I seemed to have lost toward the end of the…… Continue reading Finding Balance in 2017

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Life Transitions, Change, and Growing Up

When we were kids, we used to talk about growing up like it was this kind of faraway place that would be full of independence and living by our own rules. I remember thinking that the day I turned 18 I would instantly become a grown up and become fully independent, leaving behind my childhood…… Continue reading Life Transitions, Change, and Growing Up