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Life Transitions, Change, and Growing Up

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When we were kids, we used to talk about growing up like it was this kind of faraway place that would be full of independence and living by our own rules. I remember thinking that the day I turned 18 I would instantly become a grown up and become fully independent, leaving behind my childhood and running into the world full force. The world is your oyster, as they say.
In the years that have passed between those carefree days and where I am now at 22, I can see clearly that growing up is a lot more than that.
I’ve learned that growing up is more than reaching a certain age, more than passing all the milestones and achievements.

It is more than leaving behind the swing set in your backyard, moving out of your childhood bedroom, and saying goodbye to the carefree wonder-filled days of playing outside.

It means finding your own identity and living it authentically.  It means knowing your limits, values, and your priorities. It means responsibility and job applications and paying bills. It means realizing that you can’t please everybody, and there will be people who only drain your spirit.It means finding the ones that fill you up instead and making time for those relationships. It means knowing that no one is perfect, and we’re all just trying to find our way.
It means accepting that things don’t always go as planned, or exactly as we want them to, and learning to take things as they come. It means letting go of old hurts and past mistakes, and accepting that there are things we simply cannot change. It means realizing how important it is to be kind, not only to others but to ourselves.

And the truth is none of these things are easy

by any means. Growing up is confusing and hard and incredibly messy at times.

Growth, change, and life transitions can be overwhelming and stressful, and I am speaking from experience because I am in the midst of one big transition right this moment
Graduating from college and moving into “the real world” is supposed to be a very exciting time, and it definitely is. However, it can also be a time of great fear and self-doubt as you let go of everything you’ve known and step into the unknown that lies ahead.
Throughout our whole lives, the next step was always mapped out for us. It was certain and concrete. We knew what grade would come next, and then as high school came to an end we knew we wanted to apply for college, and throughout college we chose a major but we still didn’t need to have it all figured out because we had time.
And then before we know it the time is now, and here we are, out of the familiar pattern that is certainty. For some of us, we have the next thing lined up and mapped out, but some of us (like me), we don’t. We don’t have it figured out yet, and there is a crippling fear that comes with that unknown. There is the question of what now? What’s next? What if I fail?
Growing up is in living the uncertainty and the excitement and change. It is in the confusing and sometimes painful process that is transition and letting go of the comfortable, the familiar, the certain.
Growth lies in stepping out and believing that we can be something greater, even if we can’t see what that looks like yet. It means accepting that failure is okay, that it does not mean defeat, but can be a catalyst into something better. Growth is taking a leap of faith into the unknown because it’s a big world out there and who knows what could happen? It could be greater than we ever imagined.
I am scared and I have no idea what my life will look like in the months to come, but I’m looking at this time of transition as a time to grow and change and see what kind of beauty lies in the uncertainty

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