Are we there yet?

Yesterday, we had a chapel speaker who talked about the importance of preparation in terms of going after our dreams, and how it’s not about how quickly you reach your dream, it’s about the amount of preparation that leads up to reaching it. He said that our dreams are nothing without those months or years when it feels like we are lost in a desert. When all we know is struggle, defeat, or even failure.

As a junior in college, this message spoke directly to my heart. I have spent many, many months having no idea where my life is going or what I am doing, and the past two years of my life have felt like one big struggle. I can honestly say that this desert season seems never ending at times. There are days when I feel like hope is hard to come by, but I have to remember that I am working toward something, preparing for something, and I will get there when I am meant to. But for right now, I need to learn how to accept the journey as it comes.

To all of us who keep on asking “Are we there yet?”,

I know you want to know where your life is going and when you are going to arrive, but all I can say is have hope. Be patient. Please know that your life is going to change and everything you are working for or struggling through is going to pay off one day. You are going to amount to something. Everything works together for good.

The road you are walking on may feel like a road that leads to nowhere, but as long as you keep walking and keep moving forward, you are going to get there, and you will arrive. Don’t lose sight of the beauty that is the journey,

because the journey is half the fun, and you have so much ahead of you.

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