Letting go of control

I am a planner.

I like structure and order and everything written into a neat, tidy schedule.

More than anything, I like to have control. I like to know what to expect and I always like to know what’s ahead.

But lately, I continue to learn over and over again that you simply cannot control all the details of your life, and you hardly ever know what’s coming.

The thing is, there is a big picture of your life and it’s impossible to see the full beauty of its entirety except for the small bits and pieces that define everything up to this moment, and the future is a blank mystery that we try so desperately to fill with plans and ideas and visions, and trying to draw it all out ourselves never quite goes as planned, does it?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream, shouldn’t hope or have a vision for your life, because you most definitely should. If we could just stop trying so hard to plan it all out and dictate what will happen, we could free ourselves from those limits that we place on our own lives by wanting control.  Life simply does not work that way. Sometimes plans fall through. Unexpected events throw us off and make us change our direction, and sometimes really amazing things happen that we never saw coming.

Maybe if we just let go of control and let life happen as it will, we could live more fully, because we could stop controlling life and start living it as it is right now. And again, you should have visions and dreams and work hard for what you want, but I think sometimes we hold on too tightly and our need for control causes us to miss what is unfolding in front of us.

Maybe life doesn’t always turn out the way we hoped or expected, but sometimes, it’s even better than anything we could have imagined.

Life works out, just trust it a little.

One thought on “Letting go of control

  1. The balance between living in the moment and looking towards the future is a tough thing to find. Well put, I have not heard it worded any better.


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